Party planners have something really simple and understandable in common: they want to promote social interaction during all the events they organize. To achieve that kind of goal they need to take in consideration every single detail, from the seating chart to the decoration. Here’s where small centerpieces play an important part.

Imagine this picture: a round table full of guests and in the middle a wide and tall centerpiece. What do you think will happen? We’ll answer for you. Your invitee’s visión will be partially blocked by this big ornamental item, provoking an interruption during any normal conversation between the persons seated in front of each other.

To avoid this problem, we suggest the usage of small centerpieces. They will not disturb or distract anybody, letting social interaction be the main element in every table.

But, stop right here. We are not saying you should never use tall centerpieces; it will always depend on your goal prioritization.

It’s true that is easier to catch your guest’s attention with beautiful big centerpieces. It’s also true that these kind of items will help you fill a big venue. However, remember that minimalism is a trend that’s pretty alive, so not always bigger is better.

So, to all event planners: your first step before organizing a party or event is to clearly know what are the host’s goals. When you have those, you can start the real deal and make the adequate decisions.

Remember that the success of every event depends on the quantity of established goals you accomplished through it.