F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925 “The Great Gatsby”, a novel about an intriguing character that used to throw glamorous parties to capture the attention of the love of his life: Daisy Buchanan. Excess and extravagance were vital elements during those celebrations that took place every weekend in Jay Gatsby’s house; lots of festivities and details to look at. That’s why the latest film adaptation of this masterpiece is worth to watch before planning a big party.

Caterers, outdoor buffets and orchestras were always around during Gatby’s events, because he usually had to entertain the highest level of social stratification.

So, ahead you’ll find some creative ideas for a party, based on “The Great Gatsby”:

  1.  Include a real roulette table to entertain those who love gambling and are willing to bet some money during your celebration
  2. If you have a big venue, hire two acrobats and two aerial gymnasts to capture your guest’s attention with a great show.
  3. Use metallic gold fabric swathed across the ceiling
  4. Use old chandeliers and candelabras for decoration
  5. Use large feather accents as centerpieces or in floral arrangements
  6. Use strings of pearls and crystal (glass) hung from the ceiling, off railings, from trees and on the backs of chairs
  7. Put balloons everywhere!
  8. Throw fireworks during the closure